Intelligence to Outsmart Your Competitors

Stay competitive and visible within your market with actionable market and competitive insights, automatically optimized to position your store for success!

Learn and Adapt Faster Than Your Competitors

Keeping up with dynamic, constantly changing market shifts isn’t easy. Intelis’ intelligence platform helps merchants explore their market trends and competitive landscape while optimizing each store seamlessly. With Intelis, you can expand your brand visibility, channel more traffic to your store, and increase your sales as we optimize your store around the clock, giving you the upper hand.

How Easy Is It to Use Intelis for Your Online Business?

Step 1:

Product sync from your eCommerce store

We integrate with all major platforms including WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. You can also upload your products manually with a .CSV file.

Step 2:

Competition discovery and matching

We will discover your competition from all your sales channels and automatically match your competitor’s products saving you all the manual work.

Step 3:

Kick back, relax, and watch the sales come in!

After a few minutes, you’ll start seeing incredible competitor insights alongside automatic optimizations helping you achieve an effective, comprehensive commercial strategy


Simplify Online Store Management

Outsmart Your Competitors

Track your competitors’ prices in real-time and create an automated pricing strategy.

Market Trends Made Easy

Get meaningful insights into your competitive landscape in terms of prices, brands, categories, and more, to increase your revenue.

Detailed Store Performance

Check your store’s performance against the market and react in real-time.

Optimal Product Matching

Sit back and relax while we do all the work. Experience an automated product matching process with our AI search algorithm.

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Ranked as one of the top Smart Pricing and Competitive Analysis Platforms

Intelis is Your Partner in Growing Your Store

Unlike other platforms, Intelis specializes in providing a solution that is affordable for small and medium businesses and not centered on high-volume stores or large enterprises. Intelis aims to support SMBs throughout their business journey, giving them the tools to discover and monitor competitor products and pricing in real-time, gaining key understandings to guarantee a winning strategy.

Why Online Stores Around the World Choose Intelis

Fully Automatic

No lengthy onboarding process and our solution optimize your store automatically! Forget manually adding tons of URLs to track competitors, Intelis does it for you.

Comprehensive Competitor Selection

Easily select competitors with full marketplace support or add custom competitors as needed

Data You Can Work With

Make decisions based on actual competitor pricing strategies and consumer behavior rather than a hunch.

Powerful AI Analytics

Automatically match and analyze competitor products with our powerful AI search algorithm that will put you ahead of the curve.

Integrates with your platform

Seamlessly and simply integrates with all major Ecommerce platforms:


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