Reveal the full Picture with Market intelligence

Create a winning sales and marketing strategy – and optimize your store to maximize revenues and profits!

Gain a sustainable advantage

Keeping up with dynamic, constantly changing competitor prices isn’t easy. With pricing being such a key part of a purchaser’s decision, whoever dominates this space rules the market.

With Intelis, you’re always in-the-know. Discover and monitor competitor products and pricing in real-time, and get key actionable insights to ensure you have the winning strategy.

Let’s keep it as our little secret. Shhhh!

Why Intelis?

Plug & Play

No lengthy installation, and it’s fully automated – forget manually adding tons of urls to track competitors!

Seamless Selection

Easily select competitors with full marketplace support – or add custom competitors

Actionable Insights

Make decisions based on competitor pricing strategies and consumer behavior

Powerful AI

Automatically match competitor products with powerful AI search algorithm unavailable elsewhere

How it works

Step 1:

Sync products from your Ecommerce store

We integrate with all major platforms, including WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento. Or you can upload manually with a CSV File

Step 2:

Fully competitive discovery and matching process

We will discover your competition and auto-match competitor’s products (no more adding link-by-link for each product),  Also you can choose from our supported marketplaces.

Step 3: 

Kick back and relax as we do the heavy lifting for you

After a few minutes you’ll start seeing incredible insights into your own store as well as your competitors – and achieve an effective pricing strategy


Price alerts

Track your competitors’ products and get notified each time there’s a change

Product Positioning

Get meaningful insights into your competition and positioning: in terms of prices, brands, categories and more

Product Matching

Experience an automatic product matching process with our AI search algorithm, so you don’t need to manually extract competitor URLs

Market Research

Access a powerful search engine to do in-depth research on your competition


Chosen by

Ranked as one of the top Smart Pricing and Competitive Analysis Platforms

Integrates with your platform

Seamlessly and simply integrates with all major Ecommerce platforms:

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