How to prepare your shop for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The holiday season is about to arrive, and It’s a good idea to find reliable ways to capture the audience’s attention. The major attraction of the season for the eCommerce stores is black Friday and cyber-Monday. Customers expect the best deals on these two events, and they are ready to shop more. But the business […]

How to improve your ROI with dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing

Working in an online or E-commerce business and sustaining a satisfactory return on investment (ROI) is not an easy task. The competition is quite high, and even it will become tougher as the demand is rising, that’s when dynamic pricing comes into the picture. The key factor in ROI is basically dynamic pricing. That means […]

Should different channels have different pricing strategy?

pricing strategy

Different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Google Shopping might require different pricing strategy tactics. Making decisions about pricing is considered to be very tough for omnichannel retailers. Should a grocery item retailer charge the same for online customers as offered in the retail stores? Except for certain circumstances, keeping the pricing strategy separate for online […]

What is Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) And How To Enforce it?

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is a specific policy developed by the brand or manufacturers of a particular product. As per the policies, businesses can advertise their products at the lowest price point mentioned in the pre-set policy. When brands follow this standard strategy, they are likely to earn reasonable profits. They are likely to gain […]

Why Automated Pricing Intelligence Helps You Win Over The Competition?

Automated Pricing Intelligence

Why automated pricing intelligence helps you win over the competition? The competition for E-commerce businesses is constantly rising. Numerous competitors also offer the product you are selling, and the only way to win over this game is to use Pricing Intelligence platforms. You cannot just fix the price of your product and expect a good ROI (Return […]

How to Conduct Competitive Pricing Analysis and Why You Must?

Competitive Pricing Analysis

Business owners keep on making strenuous efforts to capture audience attention towards their niche. However, many of them forget to prioritize competitor discovery and monitoring to guarantee success for their business. Studies reveal that buyers are always interested in investing in products that are available at a discounted price. Consumers like to find the best […]

Most Important Pillar in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

feature image; Digital Marketing Campaigns

In the E-commerce world, price matching has become one of the essential factors for leading digital marketing campaigns. This article can help you figure out how pricing data can influence your brand value in the market. Generally, there are seven ‘P’s that play an essential role in your marketing mix. They are product, people, place, […]

Did you Know Amazon Makes 2.5 Million Price Changes a Day?

price changes

Amazon is the most reputed and widely trusted eCommerce giant in the customer landscape. Success doesn’t come randomly to this brand; instead, it results from their hard work, strategic planning, and great marketing campaigns. A new analysis from the marketplace reveals that Amazon follows intelligent price changes for their extensive range of products. Surveys show […]

5 Ways to Spy on Your Competition On Shopify

competition on Shopify featured image

In order to find your edge in the E-commerce industry, it is always necessary to find a way to step ahead of your competition on Shopify. To succeed with your goals, you should first make competitor discoveries and then spy on them to understand their strengths and weaknesses. 1. Use Google to identify your competition […]

5 Different Pricing Optimization Strategies

Pricing Optimization feature image

There is no doubt that pricing optimization plays an essential role in attracting an audience to a business platform. Therefore, business owners and manufacturers need to make a careful decision about the price of their goods online. The experts in the industry have developed some trusted pricing optimization strategies. However, businesses need to choose the […]